Giving Q&A

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Q: What is UC Berkeley’s Tax ID number?

A: The ID number for gifts to the UC Berkeley Foundation is 94-6090626. The ID number for gifts to the UC Regents is 94-6002123. Giving opportunities on the Give to Cal Web site are administered via the UC Berkeley Foundation. If you do not know which Tax ID number to use, please consult Gift Operations.

Q: How do I update my personal information with the University?

A: To alert us to changes in address, marital status, etc., please send an e-mail to our Alumni Records unit at

Q: How can I be removed from your mailing lists?

A: Send an e-mail with your request to our Alumni Records unit at Please include your full name. If there are any mailing lists (print or online) you wish to remain on, please indicate those in your request.

Q: To whom can I speak about my gift?

A: The Give Your Way page has contact information for University representatives who can help you with your gift. You can also direct questions to

Q: Are there any benefits associated with my gift?

A: In addition to the campuswide recognition program, The Charter Hill Society (formerly the Robert Gordon Sproul Associates), many schools and programs also offer recognition programs. For more information, please visit The Charter Hill Society Web site.

Q: How do I include Cal in my will?

A: It’s easy, just include the bequest language in your will or living trust. If you like, you can use this sample bequest language as a guide.

Q: What is an endowment?

An endowment is a fund established by gift in which the donor has imposed the restriction that the principal remain intact; only income and growth from the principal can be used to support the stated purpose of the fund.

Q: I represent a foundation or corporation. Whom should I contact about making a gift?

A: Please contact The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

Q: I can’t find the fund I want to donate to by searching, what do I do?

A: At the present time, only UC Foundation funds are available through Give to Cal. You can still make a donation to your fund by completing and sending in this standard form [PDF 270KB]. In the ”Special Instructions for this gift“ field, provide as much information as you can about the gift you are trying to make. A University representative will contact you if they can not determine a proper match.

Q: I’m not an alumnus, so why is there a check on the gift form for “alumnus”?

A: The gift form is defaulted to the “alumnus” category, but you can de-select it and check the correct status. The other categories available are: Parent or Guardian, Friend of Cal, Cal Student, and Faculty/Staff. Most donors who have no specific affiliation with UC Berkeley check “Friend of Cal.”

Q: How can I find out if my company has a matching gifts program?

A: You can look up your company in our employer matching gift search by clicking here.

Q: My check was returned in the mail, what should I do?

A: The university recently changed the address where checks should be mailed. If your check was returned, please send it to our new Berkeley address at:

University of California, Berkeley
Gift Operations
P. O. Box 774
Berkeley, CA 94701-0774

Q: Can I use PayPal to make a donation?

A: Not at this time. The University of California has determined that PayPal transactions cannot be effectively administered within University policy intended to safeguard donations. Also, because we manage more than 300 online giving funds across the Berkeley campus, we are mindful of avoiding increased costs of administering funds that may be incurred by contracting with an additional vendor for online giving. Alternative options for giving, beside online, are: by mail, or by telephone (see Give Your Way page) and by secure online credit card transaction.

Q: Can I make multiple donations in the same credit card transaction?

A: Unfortunately, we can only support one gift per credit card transaction at this time. We are working to expand the functionality of our online giving site, thank you for your patience.

Q: How do I set up a monthly or regular credit card deduction?

A: Please contact Gift Operations at 510.643.9789 and they can assist you.

Q: Can I make my donation anonymous?

A: You will need to provide your personal information so that you can be credited for the gift. However, if you want your gift to be acknowledged as anonymous, please note this in the “Special Instructions for this gift” field.

Q: How do I specify that my gift is in honor of, or a memorial for, someone?

A: Please use the “Special Instructions for this gift” field to note what type of gift you are making (honor/memorial) and the name of the person you are recognizing. If you have additional special requests or questions regarding your gift, please note those here as well.

Q: The person I am making a joint gift with is also a Cal alumnus/ae, how do I specify that?

A: Check the joint gift button and provide the name (while attending) of the person who you are sharing credit with. In the “Special Instructions for this gift” field, please note your spouse/partner‘s class year. Additionally, please note how you would like your joint gift to be acknowledged in the “I/we would like to be recognized as” field.